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Useful links  


Molecular, material constants

Free Software

Laser Resources

Useful Websites

  • Luxpop- Optics calculation applets backed by lots of material data <1i>

Regular suppliers

Ablation targets, pressing, materials


  • McMaster
  • Copper and brass sales - THE copper and brass supplier
  • MSC - When McMaster just won't do
  • RAM mounts - Mounts for scopes and other instruments.
  • Vlier - Screws with Springs inside and more.
  • Air Incorporated - 80/20 supplier. Phone: 800-341-2800. Best to have the cut numbers and location codes (from an 80/20 catalog) ready for any anchor fastener counterboring, etc., before you call.


Laser Diodes Etc

  • Sacher - They still make quality diodes...
  • Eagleyard - AR coated laser diodes
  • Roither Lasertechnik - Laser diodes, LEDs, Optics,
  • Toptica - Lasers, AR Coated Diodes
  • Intelite - Non-AR Coated Diodes, Sacher gets some of their diodes here before AR Coating
  • Power Technology - Single Mode Diodes, TAs, DFBs and more
  • m2K - Tapered Amplifiers and More
  • FLT Laser - Truly a huge selection including DFBs from many suppliers in addition to their own line
  • GMBH - Offer DFBs!
  • RPMCLasers - Single Mode diodes and more, not AR
  • Intenseco - I think only Multimode / Broad Area
  • qPhotonics - Single Mode Laser diodes and more. 895-915 nm and 1050-1080 nm diodes are offered with AR coating (for $300-400)
  • Opnext - Make a lot of Non-AR coated diodes
  • Axcel Photonics - Common NIR Laser Diodes
  • Lab351 - Russian Laser Diode Company
  • Laser Light Solutions - Make 300 mW, 785 nm diodes
  • JDSU - Make 200 mW, 789 nm diodes





Quasi-Optical, Microwaves

mm-wave Microwave Components

  • Quinstar - Large selection of waveguide and coax, ask for Sage Kuno
  • Miteq - Largest supplier (and stock) but more expensive

Detectors, PMTs


Coatings, deposition


Diamond-Turned Optics

Heavy Duty Actuators and Motion Control

Vibration Isolation

Visual Fault Checker

Yale Purchasing Department

Contact #s for people at Purchasing/Procurement Dept

  • Usual person who handles physics (also furniture/copiers/toners) POs : Sun-ae Kim x2-9981
  • Her boss: Tony Kulikowski
  • Associate Director: Kerry Murphy x2-9982
  • Front Desk: x2-9955

Group Equipment Inventory

Helping out

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